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Apple unveils new Macs 2020

Apple announces "One More Thing" ahead of the holiday season, Uber allows you to save up to 30 days in advance and Spotify makes another podcast. This is your Daily Crunch for November 10, 2020.

Apple announces “One More Thing” ahead of the holiday season, Uber allows you to save up to 30 days in advance and Spotify makes another podcast. This is your Daily Crunch for November 10, 2020.

Big story: Apple unveils new Macs

During the short and unusually focused “One More Thing” event, Apple announced three new Macs that will use the M1 chip, its first Mac chip. This is the first of the previously announced changes to the Mac list to Apple silicon.

What about real Macs? Yes, there is the new MacBook Air, which costs $ 999 but should be 3.5x faster than the previous generation – and does not include a fan! There’s also a new Mac Mini with a basic price of $ 699, and a 13-inch MacBook Pro starting at $ 1,299.

Oh, and Big Sur, the latest version of the Mac app, will be released on Thursday, November 12th.

Technological giants

Uber will now allow users to book a ride in 30 days and select a favorite driver – A new option, called Uber Reserve, will begin appearing in the app next week.

Google adds COVID health and safety information to Google Travel – When users search for hotels and vacation rentals via Google Travel, they may see new information about COVID-19 safety measures in that area.

Spotify buys podcast hosting company and advertising company Megaphone for $ 235M – Spotify already has an existing relationship with the company, including the use of its hosting services.

Startups, sponsorship and start-up capital

Hopin raises $ 125M of its online event platform after the growth spur – TechOpic is one of Hopin’s online event platform customers.

Spearhead launches fourth $ 100M fundraiser to turn founders into top VC investors – The foundation is always simple: provide founders with good networks and raise $ 1 million to get out and start writing angel checks and building their portfolio.

Carbon Health raises $ 100M through pop-up clinic expansion plans ahead of COVID-19 vaccination program – The company plans to open 100 emerging clinics in 20 markets across the U.S.

Advice and analysis from Extra Crunch

Five VCs discuss the future of SaaS and software after the advent of Pfizer vaccine – SaaS shares are heavily traded in the good news of the vaccine, but are VCs tired?

Accelerators embrace change forced by epidemic – We spoke to three accelerator heads about the challenges and opportunities created by the new visible space.

What I would like to know about business finance when I was a founder – Andy Arieto of TheVentureCity shared some information.

(Reminder: Extra Crunch is our membership program, which aims to make democracy information about startups. You can register here.)

Everything else

All Slingbox devices will stop working in two years – All Slingbox products will be operational gradually, leading to a complete shutdown two years from today.

House Reps calls on the FCC to ‘stop working on all involved, controversial’ issues during the transition – This may include the FCC’s attempt to redefine Section 230, an important protection of online platforms, at Trump’s request.



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