Snap-chat is getting mini apps

Snap announces a host of new features, Modern is preparing to test the final stages of its coronavirus vaccine, and Tony shows off the PlayStation 5.

Snap announces a host of new features, Modern is preparing to test the final stages of its corona-virus vaccine, and Tony shows off the PlayStation 5.

Here is your Daily ch June 14, 2020.

1. Snap-chat Debris Minis is a part of third party applications that live inside the chat

Snap Minis has light third-party apps that don’t use chat categories quickly. This allows them to complete tasks without changing applications such as ordering movie tickets, comparing class schedules, studying flashcard desks, or traveling with guided meditation.

The news comes with the version of Snap Partner Summit, in which the company announces a number of AR updates, including Lens Voice Search, Machine Learning Model Updates for Lens Studio, and Geographic Based Programs that provide data to social media.

2. Modern uses final case vaccine in July for its corona-virus vaccine

Speaking to Pharmaceutical Company Modern Bloomberg is the final phase of a clinical trial of its corona-virus vaccine by the COVID-19 novel in early July. The company has previously said it will launch test volumes available to health workers early this fall.

3. Finally here is the Sony 5 PlayStation

Sony has finally revealed the PS5 Tower in all its glory. It looks like a complete router – but if so, it’s a good router.

4. Chris Cox returns as Chief Product Officer on Facebook

After much farewell last year, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox returns to his position. He said the unique national and global climate of 2020 had influenced his decision, notably the corona-virus pandemic, the next economic recession and “racial injustice.”

5. Why do unicorns go back to IPO when the Nasdaq record is near?

Instacart announced new revenue increase to $ 13 billion. Dordash, meanwhile, reportedly wants to add more money to the $ 15 billion pre-funding round. Both statements make it clear that even though the IPO market is uncertain, Latinos are still able to attract large sums of money. (Required membership required)

6. Microsoft Brad Smith says the company does not sell police face recognition technology

Microsoft meets with IBM and Amazon to oppose the use of face-to-face technology to enforce the law – at least, until a major legislation is adopted.

7. Facebook launches M 400M acquisition of Britain’s Competition Watchmaker Prize

Britain’s Market Competition Center – the country’s top migration manager, announced today that it has launched an investigation into gift buying on Facebook. Specifically, it remains to be seen whether the deal will reduce competition in the markets of the two private companies.



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