Facebook extends coronavirus activity from domestic policy until July 2021

Facebook has joined Google saying it will allow employees to work from home until the middle of next year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Facebook has joined Google saying it will allow employees to work from home until the middle of next year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

“Based on the guidance of health and government experts, as well as the decisions taken in our internal discussions on these issues, we allow employees to continue volunteering from home until July 2021,” a media spokesman told Reuters.

Facebook also said it would provide employees with an additional $ 1,000 to use for “home office needs”.

Late last month Google re-expanded its coronavirus function, saying employees would be able to continue working at home until June 2021.

Both of these giants have headquarters offices in many cities around the world. And even though the epidemic forces them to provide a more efficient working system than they usually have to both continue to build their physical office designs, demonstrating a commitment to working in their workplaces. (Perhaps without a doubt, how much money they have been given over the years to turn offices into a spacious playground designed to keep employees in good condition for a long time – with benefits such as snacks and meals, pods, video games in arcade rooms and even health facilities.)

Earlier this month, Facebook found out that it had hired a leading office building in New York, for example – adding 730,000 square meters to 2.2 million square feet. While Google continues to make significant progress in the area of ​​King’s capital’s UK capital, work began last month on its London ‘landscraper’ HQ site.

At the end of July, Apple said workers would not return to office until at least early 2021 – warning that any return to physical offices would depend on whether an effective and / or effective vaccine was available. So the iPhone Maker looks ready to work for the long-running coronavirus at home.

As questions begin with the future of the physical office now that personal contact is a public health hazard, deep-rooted giants show that they are not willing to completely abandon traditional work and go all the way to modern technology that allows the office to work remotely.

Twitter is unique. While the first wave of the disease has plagued social media and fully embraced long-distance work, they told workers back in May that they could work from home forever if they wished.

Whether remote work has contributed to breaking a recent company account is one open question. He said the technology of telephone spears was used to trick employees into verifying the network login.

Indeed, safety concerns are often raised by the danger of many workers working long distances during the epidemic – where they can be outside the fire station and at high risk for attackers.

A Facebook spokesman did not respond when asked if the company would offer its employees the option to work remotely. But the company looks unprepared to go so far – not judging at least by signing new appointments to senior office positions.

Facebook has re-launched its approach to physical office following the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, announcing in May the company’s new locations in Denver, Dallas and Atlanta.

It also said it would focus on finding new jobs in the vicinity of existing offices – including in cities such as San Diego, Portland, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said at that point for the next decade the company would be fully operational. Although he says certain types of roles will not be suitable for all remote work – such as those working in a segment of computer hardware development, data centers, recruitment, policy and partnerships.



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