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Disk speeding could be a free defrag program that supports several impressive options. terribly specific settings is emended and it supports programing defrags yet as boot defrags.

Disk SpeedUp info:

Disk speeding could be a free defrag program that supports several impressive options. terribly specific settings is emended and it supports programing defrags yet as boot defrags.

Disk speeding is from Glarysoft, the creators of alternative system tools i like to recommend, like blazing Undelete, register Repair, Absolute Uninstaller, and fast Search.
More concerning Disk speeding

  • Can be put in to Windows ten, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows aspect, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003
  • Disk speeding will defrag any file, folder, internal disk drive, or external disk drive, however not removable drives like flash drives
  • The results for a defrag is shown within the Report tab, which has the file name, the quantity of fragments, the size, and therefore the path of the files
  • Boot Time Defrag could be a feature which will defrag your main disk drive before Windows even starts, that permits it to defrag the page file, hibernation file, MFT, and system files, that cannot commonly be defragmented as a result of they are in use whereas Windows is running
  • Settings is changed to defrag files on condition that sure conditions ar met
  • A defrag and optimize (or simply defrag) is assail a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for one or a lot of arduous drives
  • Auto defrag is enabled to defrag one or a lot of arduous drives once the pc is idle (not being used); specific settings is altered like shaping however long the idle amount should last before beginning the defrag yet as what proportion of the mainframe is used before pausing the defrag

Disk speeding professionals & Cons
There ar many impressive options in Disk SpeedUp:


  • Small transfer size
  • Easy to use
  • Installs quickly
  • Can defrag single files/folders yet as whole arduous drives
  • Optimizes a tough drive for faster file access
  • Supports boot defrags
  • Can run a defrag and/or improvement on a schedule
  • Able to defrag multiple drives at the same time
  • Very specific defrag and improvement settings
  • Specific files/folders is excluded from an entire disk defrag
  • Can mechanically close up the laptop once defragging is finished


  • Unable to defrag removable drives (like flash drives)
  • Tries to put in another program throughout setup
  • Doesn’t work from the right-click context menu in Windows person

Disk SpeedUp’s Advanced choices
There ar 2 main options in Disk speeding that ought to be checked out a lot of closely.

Defrag Conditions

In the Tools > Options> Defrag menu ar four choices for outlining once a defrag ought to crop up. These choices ought to be outlined to avoid outlay time defragging small files or files that have large fragments.

Only defrag files that:

Have fragments smaller than [X] MB: the quantity chosen here defines however giant a fraction is before a file ought to be defragged. the aim is to avoid defragging large files that have many megabytes of fragments. as an example, if you lower the quantity to ten MB, Disk speeding can defrag files on condition that they contain but ten MB of fragments.
Have quite [X] fragments: This explains the quantity of fragments that ar allowed to exist in an exceedingly file before Disk speeding can defrag it. If you select ten fragments, a file are going to be needed to own quite ten fragments before it’ll be defragged. As you select a better variety, Disk speeding is absolute to defragment a smaller variety of files.
Are larger than [X] MB: This setting is employed to avoid defragging very little files. Disk speeding can solely defrag files that ar larger than the quantity you have got here.
Are smaller than [X] MB: As you’d expect, this feature is that the opposite of the previous one. Any variety chosen here creates a most file limit to what is defragged. as an example, selecting ten MB for the previous setting and twenty MB for this one suggests that Disk speeding can defrag files that ar between those 2 sizes solely. This drastically cuts down the quantity of files which will be defragmented.

Though they are all enabled by default, deselecting any of the higher than choices can cause Disk speeding to jump that setting and apply no limit thereto. as an example, deselecting the ultimate 2 choices can permit Disk speeding to defrag a file of any size.

Optimize Files

Some defrag programs allow you to optimize files. this implies the program will move specific files, files of a particular size, or explicit file formats to a neighborhood of the disk drive that moves slower than the remainder. If explicit files ar got rid of of the quicker portion of the drive and into the slower areas, it’ll in impact shift things around to put specific files into the quicker areas, that successively produces higher performance.
Disk SpeedUp’s improvement settings permit you to outline file sizes and file formats that ought to be affected to slower areas of the disk. To optimize a disk, initial choose the arduous drives you would like to optimize then opt for Defrag and Optimize from the File menu.

The Tools > choices > Optimize menu possibility holds the improvement settings that you simply will amendment. beneath Move giant files to the tip of the drive ar four options:

  • Minimum file size: this feature is changed to at least one of 10 file sizes from 10-100 MB. selecting a hundred MB, as an example, suggests that files that ar larger than a hundred MB are going to be affected to the tip of the disk.
  • Files that weren’t accessed in last month: This one is pretty easy – any file that wasn’t accessed last month are going to be affected to the slower portion of the disk drive.
  • Files within the Recycle Bin: All files that ar presently within the Recycle Bin are going to be affected.
  • Files within the selected types: Below this ar choices referred to as Archives, Movies, and Disk pictures in conjunction with a number of their corresponding file varieties. selecting any of the 3 classes of file formats can move files with those extensions to the tip of the disk, like RAR, MP4, and ISO files. this can be fully editable, which implies you’ll place in any file extension that you want affected.
    Any of those choices is combined along or fully disabled. this implies you may setup Disk speeding to maneuver files that ar quite fifty MB in size, not accessed last month, and ar nothing files to the terribly finish of the disk drive, however not bit the Recycle Bin files. or else, you may disable this whole move feature if you’d rather not use it.

My Thoughts on Disk speeding
I think Disk speeding is associate impressive program. The terribly specific defrag settings and therefore the ability to optimize a disk ought to positively be enclosed all told defrag programs.

Some defrag programs, like Defraggler, embody might of the options Disk speeding lacks. This includes removable drive support, a conveyable version, context menu integration, and moving specific fragmented files to the slow portion of the disk drive (not simply those of a particular file extension).

That being aforementioned, I still suppose Disk speeding could be a nice program and will even be easier to use for a few folks.



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